Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to provide with my mail-in rebate application?

A. Each rebate application has different requirements, but in general, all appliance rebate applications require the following to be mailed in one envelope to the address listed on the rebate application:

  1. The rebate form filled out completely.
  2. A copy of the itemized receipt or invoice showing proof of purchase.

Q. Can I submit my rebate application online?

A. You may submit an online rebate application for qualifying appliances through our website. Customers who submit their application online can attach their receipt to the submission and do not need to mail in anything unless they are contacted and further information is requested.

Q. I do not have an active account number. Can I still qualify for a rebate?

A. No. Rebates are only available to active residential customers of FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities for products installed at the service address specified on the rebate application. The 12-digit account number is located on your electric bill and is required to qualify for any rebate.

Q. Where do I get a copy of the receipt or invoice?

A. The store where you purchased the appliance should provide you with a receipt or invoice. If you purchased the appliance at a Home Depot store, you will need a special services customer invoice.

Q. I have more than one rebate to submit, can I mail them in the same envelope?

A. Yes, you can enter up to two qualifying appliances on each rebate form.

Q. What is the difference between the purchase dates and the postmark dates?

A. Your purchase must take place during the program dates listed on the rebate application form. You must mail or submit your rebate online by the last eligible postmark date which is 180 days from the purchase date. All submissions must also be received before the program end date June 7, 2021.

Q. Will a standard electric water heater qualify for a rebate?

A. Unfortunately, standard electric water heaters do not qualify for any rebates in this program.

Q. How do I find the Energy Factor on my heat pump water heater?

A. You can usually find that information on the box, the display at the store, or on the manufacturer website.

Q. How do I know if the product I purchased is ENERGY STAR®-certified?

A. All ENERGY STAR products contain the familiar ENERGY STAR logo on the front of the product as well as the product packaging. If you are still unsure, visit and select the appropriate product category to see a complete list of approved ENERGY STAR products.

Q. What are the differences in rebate levels for Refrigerators?

A. There are three levels of refrigerator rebates. For a standard ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator found on, the rebate level is $25. For a CEE Tier 2 refrigerator, the rebate is $50. For a CEE Tier 3 refrigerator, the rebate is $75. Visit to see if your model number is CEE Tier 2 or CEE Tier 3 qualified.

Q. What is the difference between a standard ENERGY STAR electric clothes dryer and an ENERGY STAR electric heat pump clothes dryer?

A. A standard ENERGY STAR electric clothes dryer senses moisture levels in clothes and allows for the dryer to turn off once the clothes are dry. An ENERGY STAR electric heat pump dryer pulls in air around the dryer to help dry the clothes.

Q. If I install more than one of the same type of appliance, am I eligible for multiple rebates?

A. Yes, you can receive multiple rebates if you install more than one qualified appliance of the same type.

What equipment qualifies for the appliance rebate?

A. Refrigerators, Freezers, Dehumidifiers, Clothes Washers, and Clothes Dryers that meet the eligibility requirements found on the rebate form.

Q. Can I get a rebate for other ENERGY STAR-certified appliances or other efficient appliance purchases not listed on the website?

A. Unfortunately we only offer rebates for the types of appliances listed on our website, If there is a change to the rebates offered, the website will be updated to reflect the most current information.

Q. What are the rebate levels associated with this program?

A. The rebate levels are as follows:

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